1. Pupil should come in uniform with identity card visibly pinned. A student who is slovenly dressed and not in school uniform is liable to be sent home.

2. Parents / guardians wishing to meet the Principal should take an appointment from office In-charge either on phone or by a letter.

3. No parents/ guardians or visitors are allowed to meet the pupils or teachers during class hours without the prior permission from office In-charge.

4. Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to enforce regularity and discipline and to see that their wards devote sufficient time to study at home daily and also during vacation.

5. Pupils must come clean, neat and tidily dressed in their proper school uniforms.

No pupil shall leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

6. No pupil can remain absent for a day or a part of the day except on a written prior application from the parents / guardians.

7. Pupils not returning to the school after holidays are liable to have their names struck off from the rolls.

8. If a pupil is absent owing to illness or otherwise, he / she must bring a note written in ink on the special page provided for the purpose in the register, and signed by the parent or guardian, testifying the purpose to the effect. In case of longer illness i.e. lasting more than a week, should be informed to the principalin writing by the parent / guardian along with a valid medical certificate.

9. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, dishonesty or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, within the school premises or out-side the school shall be dealt very strictly.

10.  Any damage done in the class or ground of the school premises or to school property then the cost of damage must be made by the parent of the student who is responsible for the damage.

11. If the offender is not identified, a collective fine may be imposed upon the entire class. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount to be paid is final.

12. Pupils are expected to look after their own belongings. Parents / guardians should see it that their children do not bring any costly material to the school. The pupils are responsible for their belongings and the school is not responsible for any loss or damage caused though of course every normal care and precaution will be taken to safe-guard their belongings.

13. No extra books, newspapers or periodicals shall be brought to School without the previous sanction of the Principal.

14. Cell-Phones, Watch, Pen Drives, & CD’S are strictly prohibited in the school premises and if found they will be confiscated.

15. All pupils are responsible to the School authorities for their conduct in and outside the School so long as they are pupils of the School.

16. Every pupil must possess a copy of the School dairy which should be brought to class on all days.

17. Promotion from one standard to another will be made at the end of the school academic year as per the rules laid down by the Education Department.

18. If a student has some contagious disease, the concerned incharge should be informed as soon as possible and the pupil must not be sent to School until the risk of carrying the infection is over.

19. Pupils will ordinarily be not available on the telephone. Parents and guardians in case of an emergency may contact the office in charge who will convey the message if required.

20. When a pupil moves along the corridor he / she must keep to the left and be silence.

21. Any object liable to prove to be a source of disturbance like crackers, water pistols, magazines or paper etc., if found in the possession of pupils will make them liable for severe punishment.

22. Running, playing, and shouting inside the school building is not allowed.

23. No pupil will be exempted from Physical Education without a proper medical certificate.

24. The school reserves the right to refuse admission or expel any pupil without assigning any reason/moral grounds.

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