The medium of instruction is English. To cater the needs of the Students and to provide opportunity for the development of all round personality of children, variety of subjects including Computer Science, General Knowledge, Sports and Games etc; are taught right from the Primary Classes.


PRE - PRIMARY [L.K.G. & U.K.G.] 1. English and Tamil Rhymes 2. Number Work 3. Recitation 4. Story Telling 5. English Writing, Dictation and Conversation 6. Language - Tamil/English 7. Playway method of teaching 8. Physical Education


PRIMARY [Classes from I to V] 1. English 2. Second Language - Tamil , 3. General Science 4. Mathematics, 5. Social Science 6. Computer Science,7. General Knowledge / Drawing 8. Moral Science


MIDDLE [Classes from VI to VIII] 1. English 2. Tamil , 3. Science 4. Mathematics 5. Social Science ,6. Computer Science,7. General Knowledge/Drawing i. Physics i. Chemistry iii. Botany iv. Zoology History& Civics Geography


SECONDARY LEVEL [Classes from IX and X] 1. English 2. Tamil 3. Mathematics 4. Physics - Theory and Practical 5. Chemistry - Theory and Practical


HIGHER SECONDARY LEVEL [XI & XII] PART - I Language Tamil II Language English III Any one of the following subject combinations. GROUP I(A) Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology I(B) Maths, Physics & Chemistry 

Test and Examination: Class test, Unit test, Monthly test, Three Mid – Term, Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual Exams Mark Guarantee Knowledge Guarantee: Min.80% - 100%

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